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Narti (Anis) very pleasant person, Muslim is married with 2 children, age 7 and 17. Anis is the eldest with 1 younger brother and 4 younger sisters. Can cook Chinese and Indonesian food welll, basic in Western, Korean and Japanese food. She likes children.

1st employer (8/11/02 - 26/07/03) worked for Chinese employer who has a prawn mee stall. 3 children, age 10, 16 & 18. Duty general hsehold chores, send youngest to school and tuition. She spent time preparing the prawns for her employer's stall. After 8 months, the stall was closed, and Anis lost her job. Very good employer said Anis.

2nd Employer, (26/07/03 - 03/06/05) 2 years. Chinese working couple, children, age 12, 15 & 17, 2 storey bungalow. Anis duty general hsehold chores, marketing and cooking. Daily rain or shine 5am, Anis has to go bakery to wait for shop to open to buy hot bread. Anis patiently finished her 2 yr contract but didnt want to renew.

3rd Employer, (20/07/05 to 09/02/09) 4 years. Chinese working couple, 2 children, age 8 & 16 lived in Condo. General hsehold chores, care of children, sent/fetch to/from shool. Marketing and plan daily menu for cooking. Went home to raise her 2nd child.

4th Employer, (05/11/2010 till present) 6 years. Awaiting for transfer as grandpa has expired and employer keeping her until she finds a suitable employer. Employer working couple lives in flat. Children 8 & 11 and sickly grandpa 86 with swollen leg and hands before passed away. Anis works independently, care of children, care of grandpa, marketing and cooking. Available after Chinese New Year.

Married (39)
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Susi is married with a 4 yrs old son. She worked in Singapore is to support her family financially.

First Employer 2 years (Dec 2006 - Dec 2008) The Chinese employer stayed in a 3 storey bungalow house. When Susi started work, the employer have 3 grownup children & a 3 yrs girl. Six month later Mem gave birth to a pair of twin and they employed another Filipino helper to take care of the twin. Susi priority is to take care of the 3 yrs old girl, clean house and assist Mem in cooking.

2nd Employer 2 years (June 2009 - Mar 2011) Both Employer working and they have 2 daughters 2 & 6 yrs old stayed in Condo. Afternoon either Ah Mah will come to the house or Susi and the younger daughter will go to Ah Mah house. Sir send the elder daughter to school and Ah Kong fetch back. Duties are to clean the house take care of the daughter. Finish contract she go home to get married

3rd Employer (Apr 2016 till now). Sir is Indonesian and Mem is from Hong Kong. Mem office is in HK & Singapore and Mem travel very frequent to the HK office. Susi on weekdays at 8am send 4 yrs old boy to school by taking bus (2 bus stop) 2:30 fetch back. In between sending & fetching the boy to school, Susi does housework and cook for the family.

Rest days. Willing to take 2 rest days/per month and balance rest days not taken to be compensated in cash

Married (33)
Ref:Rini -001
Upd on 13-Jan-17

Vera Grace is a CHRISTIAN, married with 3 teenagers and 2 sons, age 8 and 4. She studied until High School. Her children will be taken care of by her Mother in law and her own parents, when she comes to work in Singapore.

1st employer 7/12/2011 to 16/05/2012, Vera worked for a Chinese middle age lady and her mother who lived in a flat. Her duty clean the house, care of grandma and cooking. Vera did the marketing and planing what to cook,. Grandma was a cancer patience and needed chemo. As she cant walk and became thinner by the day, she cant sleep, waking up in pain, every night and Vera have to see to her needs, so no enough sleep. Weekly few evenings, grandma's other single daughter and her brother's family of 4 would come to grandma's house for dinner. When grandma passed away, Vera was very stress, so she just wanted to go home first.

2nd employer 30/06/2014 to 07/08/2014. Vera came back to worked for an Indian couple who has a 10 year old son. Sir was a Policeman, so working hours on shift and had his meal at irregular time, so sometime Vera only has 1 meal and if 2 meal at odd hours, sometime lunch at 2pm and dinner at 10pm with 1 prata only.

3rd employer 07/08/2014 to 20/05/2016 (2 years) she worked for an elderly lady who was wheelchair bound. The elderly lady has 2 middle age son, age 44 and 46. and they lived in a bungalow. Vera took care and see to the needs of the elderly lady. She did the general household chores and cooking. Vera didnt renew contract, but found a replacement and trained the new helper before she left, as employer was very good. She herself needed to return home because her Father in law was very ill and she was asked to go home to see him for the last time.

Married (36)
Upd on 11-Jan-17

Vera, a Protestant is married.

1st employer 07/12/2011 to 16/05/2012 (5 mths) There are 2 members in the house, elderly lady and daughter.

Vera took care of an elderly lady striken with cancer. Together with a family member, Vera accompanied her to hospital for treatment. She see to her daily needs..Vera's duty included general household chores, marketing and cooking. Most of the time, employer's children (couple with 2 children, age 9, 11) who stayed in another house nearby, the family would come over to mother/grandma's house for dinner. So Vera has to cook more. After working for 5 months the elderly lady passed away. Being traumatised, Vera opted to return home to rest, as she said during the 5 mths she didnt have enough sleep, as the elderly cant sleep and kept waking up nighly to ask for drinks and she has to wake up to change the diapers.

2nd employer: 30/6/ to 7/8/2014, Vera worked for an Indian couple with a 10 yr old child. Duty general household chores and assist employer to cook. She worked 2 months, because not enough food. her dinner is 10pm and she got angry before that. So she left.

3rd employer 7/8/2014 - 20/05/2016 : Chinese, employer and 2 middle aged children, age 44 and 46. They lived in a bungalow. Her duty general household chores and cooking.

Married (37)
Upd on 10-Jan-17

Runie is a CHRISTIAN and single. She has 2 brothers and 3 sisters and she is the 5th in the family. Her family could not afford to sent her for education as they were poor. So at the age of 9yrs old her parents sent her to Bali and she stayed at the Orphanage Home. The home was run by an Australian couple who helps the poor. This couple sponsored her education till High School. Once she graduated from High School she has to leave the Orphanage Home.

After graduated from High School, Runie worked as a room chamber maid in a Hotel in Bali for 3 years (2012 till 2014).

As she has been away from home for 15 years so after working as a chamber maid she go back to Sumbas and stay with her family. She help her mother in housework and learn cooking.

Since Sept 2016, she has been working in Bali as a Sales Assistance in a shop selling perfume. However, salary is low, so Runie decided to go to Spore to work as a domestic helper.

From our interview with her, we find her to be an intelligent and alert person, and so should be able to adapt to a new environment without much problem after some guidance from employer.

Rest Days. Willing to take 2 rest days/moth and balance rest days not taken to be compenstaed in cash

Single (24)
Upd on 06-Jan-17

Tri Sumaryani is married with a 5 year old son, who will be taken care of by her husband and parents in law. She has 2 elder brothers and 1 sister, she is the 3rd sibling in her family.

1st employer 16/5 - 9/6/2007 (3 weeks) Couple with 2 children, age 7 & 9. Being new in Spore, unable to speak English and emplooyer unwilling to give her time to learn, employer release her for transfer.Tri claimed that the agent took over & employed her for 1 month (09/06 - 14/4/2007) to train her before transfer to next employer being 3rd.

2nd employer (with agent 1 month for training)

3rd employer : 14/07/07 - 11/05/09 (2 years) Chinese working couple with an army boy son and a small dog. Tri duty was to clean a 2-Storey Bungalow, washed 2 cars & sweep the garden. She prepared the family's meal and also took care of the family dog. She didnt renew her contract as she was told to go home to get married.

4th employer:(6 months) Chinese couple, 1 son in U and the 1 in NS. Family lived in a Big house with swimming pool and a hugh bird cage in the garden with nearly 30 birds for Tri to clean and feed them, on top of cleaning the 2 Storey big bungalow. As the house was an opened concept house, with glasses panels, Tri have to clean the glasses as well together with another helper. Washes 4 cars from 5.30 to 7 or 7.30am. Washing clothes was by hand only. The 2 helpers took turn cleaning. They also have to clean the swimming pool. After 6 months both helper took turns to quit, as salary was low.

5th employer:17/1/2015 to 31/05/2016 (1 yr 6 mth) . Worked for an elderly sick man and a middle aged single daughter. General household chores and cooking. Every Sunday elderly man's other children and family came visiting and dinner. When the elderly man passed away, the daughter felt it was easier to send Tri home, than give transfer have to pay levy. Tri said she was made to pay her own air ticket home also. Salary was low as they said not much work.

Married (33)
Upd on 05-Jan-17

May is single and is the eldest in the family. She has 2 youger brothers. She loves cooking.

She first worked for the Chinese family for 2 years (May 2011 - May 2013). Family members are Sir/Mem - both of them working. They have 3 children age 10, 15 & 18 yrs old. May wakes up at 5:30 am to prepare breakfast for the children to go to school. The children go to school themself. May clean the house, wash/iron clothing and cook for the family and she usually go to sleep at 1am. When finsh contract she go home.

2nd employer also worked for 2 years (Aug 2013 - Aug 2015). There are 5 in the family namely Sir / Mem both working and 3 children age 7, 14 & 16 yrs old. May wakes up at 6am to prepare breakfast for the family. 7am she sent the 7 yrs girl to school and fetch her back at 1pm. The school is nearby thus both of them walk. Once the children go to school May does the housework and cook lunch. In the afternoon she take care of the 7 yrs old girl and and in the evening she cook dinner for the family.

3rd employer 3 months (May 2016 - Aug 2016). Family members are Sir / Mem and 2 grown up daughters and a big dog. Daily (two times/day) May have to take the dog out for poopoo/peepee. The dog is very big and May have problem controlling the dogs and she quit and go home.

May is willing to take 2 rest days per month and balance rest days not taken to be compensate in cash

Single (31)
Ref:T-Tik 02
Upd on 03-Jan-17

Erna, age 26, single and a Christian. She is the 2nd child amongst her siblings of 1 brother and 2 sisters. Her parents in their 60s are farmers.

From 24/03/2015 to 14/09/2016, (1yr 6nths) Erna works to take care of a pair of middle aged twins, and their mother who was 97 years old.

The 97 years old elderly suffered from demensia, and was noisy. She kept waking up at night so much so Erna didnt have enough sleep. Erna would bring the elderly outing in her wheel chair. Erna did the general household chores and cooking as well.

As Erna was taking care of demensia grandma, she asked for 1 rest day/month to go out and relax but wasnt allow. Also her salary was paid late, most of the time, Erna asked for a transfer but wasnt allowed, so she returned home. She is now ready to come back to work. She likes cooking and her hobby is reading and studying

Erna is cheerful type and can converse well in English.

Single (27)
Upd on 21-Dec-16

Mubayinah,(Ubay) age 28, single and the eldest with 3 younger brother and 1 younger sister. Her parents are in their 50s and are farmers.

After graduation from high school, Ubay worked as a Cashier for 2 years in a super market. As she needed to earn money to finance her 4 younger siblings' education, she decided to work in Singapore as a domestic worker.

Employer 1: From Nov 2011 to July 2013, she worked for an Indonesian couple, with 2 teenager sons and they lived in an apartment. Ubay did the general household chores and cooking. As her employer were Indonesian, they decided to move back to Medan, so they instead of giving her a transfer, cancelled her Work Permit, so they can have a clean break.

Employer 2 : From Oct 2013 to Feb 2016, Ubay worked for a Chinese couple with a pair of 2 year old twins and a later a new born. There was another helper who did the general housework and cooking, but this helper left after 6 months, so Ubay did everything from cleaning the 3-storey bungalow, and care of the twins and new born and cooking with the help of the grandparents.

Ubay worked 2 yrs 6 months in the 3 storey house, but 2 years on her own, after the other helper left, she got very tired, climing and cleaning and care of 3 infants, so she didnt contined with the 2nd term of her contract.

Single (28)
Upd on 03-Nov-16

IREN, age 27, a Christian, is single and has 1 elder sister.

From March - Oct 2014 Irene worked for a family, whereby her employer is a German and wife an Indian. The couple's son and daughter in law lived with them in the bungalow house.

The Madam employed Irene because she herself could communicate with Irene in Malay. However, after employing Irene, they realised that the rest of the family had problem in communication with Irene as they couldnt speaks Malay. They finally gave up and released Irene thru mutual agreement for her to look for another employer

So from October 2014 to June 2016, Irene then worked for a Chinese coouple whose grandma was staying there.

Irene's priority was care of grandman who uses a wheelchair as mode of movement. While the couple worked, Irene's task was care of grandma daily needs, cooked the family meal and did the general household chores.

Rest Days if required can take 2 off days and balance off days not taken to be compensated in cash.

Single (27)
Upd on 03-Nov-16

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