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Erna, age 26, single and a Christian. She is the 2nd child amongst her siblings of 1 brother and 2 sisters. Her parents in their 60s are farmers.

From 24/03/2015 to 14/09/2016, (1yr 6nths) Erna works for a pair of middle aged twins, and their mother who was 97 years old.

The 97 years old elderly suffered from demensia, and was noisy. She kept waking up at night so much so Erna didnt have enough sleep.Erna would bring out outing in a wheel chair. Erna did the general household chores and cooking as well.

Erna was tired of taking care of grandma, so she asked for 1 rest day, but wasnt allow. As her salary was also paid late, most of the time, Erna asked for a transfer but wasnt allowed, so she returned home. She is now ready to come back to work. She likes cooking and her hobby is reading and studying

Erna is cheerful type and can converse well in English.

Single (26)
Upd on 20-Oct-16

Sumaryanti is married with 2 grown up children. Her son is 16 and the daughter is 9 years old. Sumar is a simple person and she loves cooking. She can cook dishes like Chicken Pumpkin, Beef with garlic fish sauce, Japanese curry pork, black sauce pork, Assam Chilli fish, Lotus soup, Water Cress soup, fried bee hoon, chicken rice, nasi lemak etc.. First Employer 8 Aug 2002 to 21 Aug 2002

Second Employer Aug 2002 till Feb 2006 (3 yrs & 6 months) worked with the Korean family. Both the Sir & Madam are working and they have 3 children age 3, 7 & 11 years old. On weekdays, Sumar sent the 3 kids to school and fetch them back. Other duties are daily household chores, care of the 2 younger children and assist Madam in cooking. Sumar went home whent the Korean family went back to Korea.

Third Employer Jan 2014 till Oct 2015 (1 yr & 10 months). Sumar worked for the Chinese family of 8 members staying in a 2 storey bungalow. Family members are Sir, Madam, Ah Kong, Ah Mah, Sir's sister and 3 children age 7, 10 & 13 yrs. old. Employer have 2 maids in total because Sir's Sister and the 10 yr old boy both of them are Austicism and at times very difficult to take care of them. Sumar main duties are cooking and take care of Sir's Sister. The other helper take care of the 3 children. Housework is shared between them.

Presently from 27/10/2015, Sumaryati works for a Chinese elderly couple whose daughter, son in law and 2 grandchildren, age 7 & 10 are living in a big 2-storey bungalow.. The house is partitioned into 2 halves. Employer lives on tne one half with 3 bedrooms, Music room, 3 toilets, living / dinning room and kitchen and is taken care by Sumaryanti which includes cooking for the whole family. The Son In Law family lives in the other half and taken care by another helper who is employed for 10 years. Sumaryanti wants a transfer because the other helper is bossy and always in a bad mood.

Willing to accept either 1 or 2 rest days depending on requirement. Balance rest days not taken to be compensated in cash

Married (36)
Upd on 17-Oct-16

Yulfrinus, single is the eldest with 1 younger sister and 4 younger brothers. Her parents are farmers.

1st Employer (3 years) from 08/01/2009 to 24/09/2012,Yulfrinus worked for a Chinese couple with 3 teenagers. They lived in a flat in Woodlands Her duty general household chores and cooking and see to the needs of the 3 children.

2nd Employer (1` year 8 months) Yulfrinus worked for a Chinese couple with 2 children, age 17 and 19. They live in an apartment. Her duty general household chores and cooking, and see to the needs of the 2 school going children.

Currently, Yulfrinus is working in Jakarta for an Indonesian employer with 2 children, age 7 and 9. Yulfrinus sent and fetch the children to/from school. See to their needs. She prepare the family meal sometime together with her employer, sometime she does it herself. She also take care of the household chores.

As salary in Jakarta is low, she wants to come back to Singapore to work.

Single (31)
Upd on 11-Oct-16

Anggi is married with 2 girls aged 3 & 7 years old. She is the eldest in the family with 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters. Being the eldest in the family and married with 2 kids she need to work to support the family fancially.

First employer in Singapore she worked 4 months (Mar 2015 - July 2015) taking care of 3 children aged 4, 5 and 8 years old. As both the employers are working they leave the running of the house and care of the children to Anggi. Anggi find the job scope too difficult to handle especially unable to speak English and this is her first job working oversea. Anggi subsequently was transferred out.

Second employer she worked 1 year (July 2015 - July 2016) taking care of 82 yrs old Grandma. Initial, Grandma can walk but later have to amputate 1 leg. Thereafter, Grandma depend on wheelchair for movement. Have to carry grandma from bed to wheelchair, bath her, change pampers for her. Also have to do household chores, marketing and cooking. In Aug 2016, Grandma passed away and they do not require Anggi service. Anggi was given the choice either to go home or transfer. Anggi choose to go home and she is now ready to come back.

Anggi speaks is able to understand a bit of Teocheow

Rest days : Can accept 2 rest days per month and balance rest days not taken to be compensated in cash.

Married (27)
Upd on 10-Oct-16

Casminah is divorced and has no children. She is no.2 amongst her 4 sisters and 1 brother. She has worked 6 years in the middle East, Jakarta 1 years, HK 10 mths

2 yrs (2006-2008) in Saudi Arabia. Her employers hs 3 teenager children and they lived in a 1 storey bungalow. Her duty general household chores and cooking.

2 yrs (2008-2010) in Kuwaite. She took care of 2 children, age 4 and 8, while her teacher lady employer went to work. She did the household chores and cooking.

2 yrs (2010-2012 in Abu Dhabi. Couple with 2 teenager children, So her duty cleaning and cooking, and see to the needs of the children.

10mths (2013-2014) in Hong Kong, care of grandmother who was sick, cook for her and did the cleaning. Unfortunately, grandma passed away, so she went home.

1 year (2014 to June 2015 in Jakarta. Casminah took care of 2 infants, did housework and cooking. Before her lady employer went off to work at 9am, Casminah would finish her cooking, while her male employer sent the 2 year old to nursery school (7am - 2pm). She would do her housework, while caring for the 10 mth child. By 4pm her lady employer return to take over care of the 10 month, while Casminah prepare the dinner..

As Singapore Salary is higher, she is now interested to come to Singapore to work.

Divorced (33)
Upd on 07-Oct-16

Suprati is single and she has 3 older sisters. She is staying with her parents in Cilacap. Suprati understand and speak some basic MANDARIN

Taiwan : In 2011 Suprati worked in Taiwan for 2 yearS in a computer assembly factory, where she worked from 8am to 8pm. Being very tired with the long hours of work and low salary, Suprati didnt renew her contract.

Singapore : From 27/03/2014 to 23/09/2015, she worked for an elderly couple, age 83/85, who other than a bit week, they could moved about no problem. Suprati see to their daily needs, prepare the daily meal and did the general household chores of the condominium.

The couple has a daughter who worked in Korea. After Suprati has worked 1 and 1 year, the daughter came home and didnt work, so she decided to cut cost and do without a helper, as the condo was small. Suprati decided to go home and didnt chose for transfer.

Single (31)
Ref:Rina- 002
Upd on 14-Sep-16

Nurjana is married with a 6 year old child. Her husband is a fruit seller. She is pleasant looking.

From 28/02/2012 to 27/12/2014,(2 yrs) she was working for a Chinese couple with a child whom Nurjana was taking care while the parents work. The child was 10 years old and when Nurjana left she was 13 years old. Daily she woke the child up, prepare his breakfast, than sent him to school. After that she did the daily routine of household chores, cleaning, washing and laundry. She cooked the family meal. She says she like cooking.

As the employer's child was spending more time in school, and the couple always at work, so they decided to cut cost and do without a domestic helper, so employer release Nurjana to coincidence with the child' school holiday.

From March 2015 to Aug 2016 (Her passport expires), she works for a Chinese couple, who has 2 houses. Nurjana was employed to work in a semi-detached house, but as her employer always in another of her house, whereby her daughter, son in law and a baby lives, Nurjana was asked to followed. She helped another helper to do the general household chores and cooking, and one week twice, she went back to her employer's house to do the cleaning and dusting. She wanted to finished her contract, but employer's daughter and husband got a job oversea, so they retained the older helper who was with the family for more years than Nurjana, and as her passport was expiring, Nurjana decided to return home to do her passport.


Married (29)
Upd on 03-Sep-16

Suparti is divorced with a 21 yr old son. She has an elder brother and 2 sisters. Her widowed mother take care of her son while she went abroad to work. Suparti can speaks CANTONESE

Employer 1 (2006 - 2007) 1 year. Suparti worked in a 2 storey bungalow, in Bedok. She took care of 90+ grandma, who passed away a year later, so she went for transfer

Employer 2 (1.5 months) employer took her to take care of his mother, while the present helper went for 2 months home leave, so when the helper returned, Suparti was transferred to the daughter (employer 3)

Employer 3 (2008 - 2012) 4 yrs 8mths. Suparti Chinese working couple employer lived in Tiong Bahru. Suparti's duty general household chores, and cooking. Grandma comes to the office often, sometime Suparti needed to follow her home to clean grandm's house. After nearly 5 yrs Suparti returned home to see her family.

Employer 4 Jan to Mar 2014 (2 mths) Grandma children paid for Suparti to take care of grandma. On first day of working, grandma was angry, said she dont need helper. Everyday scolded Suparti, saying wasting money to employ her. So the family released Suparti for transfer

Employer 5. 2013 to 2016 (3 years) Suparti worked for an Indian Ex-pat who lived in a big condo. They have a big dog as well. Suparti's duty was cleaning the condo, take the dog for walk. She can cook Indian food, like puri, ratma, dhai, chapati and others.

Divorced (40)
Upd on 03-Sep-16

Martha is single and is the eldest in the family. She has 5 younger brothers & 1 younger sister. They also have 3 big dogs at home. Being the eldest in the family she has to work to support the family fanically.

Martha first came to Singapore in June 2011 and worked 4 months for the Chinese couple with 3 children age 10, 16 & 17 years old living in a flat. Employer was in the restaurant business and Martha daily has to wake up at 4 am to prepare breakfast for the children thereafter clean vegetable, peel onions/garlic for the employer to take to the restaurant. After that, she did the household chores and also has to cook for the family. Due to lack of sleep, waking up at 4 am and sleep by mid-nite. Martha changed employer.

She then worked for another Chinese couple with 2 children age 5 and 10 years old. Both employer are working and leave the 2 children for Martha to take care. Martha also has to clean the house and cook for the family. As Martha was young at that time and new to S'pore she could not handle the children and was transferred after working for 3 months.

Martha was transferred to work for another Chinese family. Family member are Sir/Mem and 2 children age 2-1/2 and 9 year old. The Mem work from home. Martha duty are to clean the house, wash/iron clothing, help Mem to look after the children and cook for the family. Martha went home on completion of her 2 year contract in Dec 2013.

From 03/04/2014 to 27/03/2016, she took care of an elderly lady, did the household chores and help the elderly to cook. There were 2 sets of instruction, one elderly lady and the other from her daughter. She was stressed, as she got scolded from both side. So she patiently finished her 2 year contract, and didnt renew when asked.

Single (28)
Upd on 01-Sep-16

Tika, a Muslim is married with a 9 year old daughter. Her husband and parents are healthy and working. Tika has can cook Indian food

From 18/07/2014 till present she is working in Singapore for a Myanmar/Indian couple with 2 children, age now 9 and 17. Sir worked from home, while lady employer works in the office. They lives in HDB Flat.

Tika's duty is to send and fetch the younger child to/from school. She does the general household chores and cooking. She cook chapati, Nasi Kabuli and curry. Her contract will finish in mid June, 2016 whereby she will go home for her Hari Raya and than return to work for a new employer.

Married (25)
Upd on 01-Sep-16

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