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Yuliana, Catholic, single and is the 2nd child amongst her 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Her mother is a widow and lives with her elder married sister. Yuliana can speak English

From 2006 to 2014 March, she worked in KL, Malaysia for a Chinese working couple with 2 children, From age 6 till 14 and 1 till 9 year old Yulian took care of them and see to their needs as they grew older. The family lived in a 2 storey house. While the employers worked, Yuliana went to grand parents house initially and returned to her employer's house at end of the day. However, in later years, while the 3 children went to school, she make her way to the grand parents house, helped with the housework and did cooking for the family to return from work /school for dinner which Yuliana cookd The family had dinner at the grandparents house. When they left for home, Yuliana slept at grandma place,

From May 2014 to 17 November 2016, she worked in KL for a business couple, who lived in a very big 2 storey bungalows, which has 6 rooms upstairs, and 6 rooms downstairs. Employer has 3 children, now, age 11, 15 and 19 and a grandma. Yuliana duty is to take care of cleaning and cooking, general household chores, and see to the needs of the 3 teenagers, while the Filipina helper see to grandma's need, wash grandma clothes, and did the gardening. Her contract finishes end of May, but her employer asked her extend for another 6 months to teach her replacement which is the new helper. Yuliana oblighed and stayed till early November 2016

Single (31)
Ref:Lisa 15
Upd on 30-Nov-16

Helpe is single. She has 3 elder brothers & 2 elder sisters. She is the youngest in the family.

For 2 years (from 2003 to 2004) she was a working student, Employer, spouse, aunty and 2 year old. Monday to Friday, Woke up early cook breakfast, did household chores, than to school. Saturday and Sundays, her main duty care of the 2 year old infant.

From 2005 to 2007 As part of her 2 years training as a Nuring Aid, she was attached to a hospital in the Emergency Room for 6 months. Duty was to monitor vital sign, check blood pressure, check temperature & gave first aid when needed. Due to financial difficulties, Helpe did 2 years Nursing Aid Course instead of 3 yrs

Fr June 2009 to March 2015, she got a job as a Assist. Librarian in a College, seeing to the students reference need & taught them how to operate the computer.

Fr Jan 2016 to 30 June 2016, she worked as a Staff Nurse Aide in the Medical Specialist Centre, assisting in receiving patients, monitoring their vital signs, and recording before the Specialists attend to the patients. As the salary wasnt enough, and as she like children, she decided to work as a domestic helper to have better pay.

The interviewer noted that she is a very pleasant and polite and well-mannered and soft spoken person.

Single (29)
Upd on 24-Nov-16

Castirah is married with a 2 year old daughter. She has 2 brothers and she is the no. 2 in the family. Her husband works as a delivery man. Her mother is a widower.

In Kuwait from 2006 to 2009 ( 3years). She worked for an Arab couple with 3 children, age 6, 8 and 11. When she arrived, her employer was 3 months pregnant, so Castirah help employer to take care of the new born. A little one year later, her employer gave birth again, so than there were 2 babies to take care, on top of housekeeping. During daytime Castirah took care of the infants, while they slept with the parents at night. Castirah also took care of the 3 older children.

In Singapore 2010 to 2014 ( 4 Years) Castirah worked for a working Chinese couple. They have 2 daughters, age 9 and 11. Castirah sent the 2 children to school and fetch them back, in between did the general household chores. She helped grandma to cook.

Married (31)
Ref:Fia 004
Upd on 23-Nov-16

Mubayinah,(Ubay) age 28, single and the eldest with 3 younger brother and 1 younger sister. Her parents are in their 50s and are farmers.

After graduation from high school, Ubay worked as a Cashier for 2 years in a super market. As she needed to earn money to finance her 4 younger siblings' education, she decided to work in Singapore as a domestic worker.

Employer 1: From Nov 2011 to July 2013, she worked for an Indonesian couple, with 2 teenager sons and they lived in an apartment. Ubay did the general household chores and cooking. As her employer were Indonesian, they decided to move back to Medan, so they instead of giving her a transfer, cancelled her Work Permit, so they can have a clean break.

Employer 2 : From Oct 2013 to Feb 2016, Ubay worked for a Chinese couple with a pair of 2 year old twins and a later a new born. There was another helper who did the general housework and cooking, but this helper left after 6 months, so Ubay did everything from cleaning the 3-storey bungalow, and care of the twins and new born and cooking with the help of the grandparents.

Ubay worked 2 yrs 6 months in the 3 storey house, but 2 years on her own, after the other helper left, she got very tired, climing and cleaning and care of 3 infants, so she didnt contined with the 2nd term of her contract.

Single (28)
Upd on 03-Nov-16

IREN, age 27, a Christian, is single and has 1 elder sister.

From March - Oct 2014 Irene worked for a family, whereby her employer is a German and wife an Indian. The couple's son and daughter in law lived with them in the bungalow house.

The Madam employed Irene because she herself could communicate with Irene in Malay. However, after employing Irene, they realised that the rest of the family had problem in communication with Irene as they couldnt speaks Malay. They finally gave up and released Irene thru mutual agreement for her to look for another employer

So from October 2014 to June 2016, Irene then worked for a Chinese coouple whose grandma was staying there.

Irene's priority was care of grandman who uses a wheelchair as mode of movement. While the couple worked, Irene's task was care of grandma daily needs, cooked the family meal and did the general household chores.

Rest Days if required can take 2 off days and balance off days not taken to be compensated in cash.

Single (27)
Upd on 03-Nov-16

IIrene is married with 2 children, age 8 and 10. Her husband is a driver. Irene is the 6th child in her family. She has 3 brothers and 4 sisters. She can speak English well.

From 1994 - 1996 she worked as a Yaya (baby sitter) for a couple who has 2 children, age 2 and 4. Her priority is to take care of the children especially the 2 yera old. Daily she sent and fetch the 4 year old to kindergarden school. She see to their needs when they wake up, gave them breakfast, gave them a bath and than off to school with bottled drinks and school bag. She returned to take care of the 2 year old. see to their lunch. Play with them.

When the children took their nap, Irene will help the other domestic helper who was in charge of the house hold chores and cooking..

Irene took a few months rest, than from 1996 to 1999, she started working for another couple with 2 children, age 2 and 5. As the children were very young, the employer needed 2 helpers. So Irene this time round did the general housework and cooking. The other helper took care of the children with the help of Irene who was experienced in child care.

She than left to get married, had 2 children. When her children were older at age 2 and 4, Irene went to work again. This time she got a job as Sales Lady, so that daily she can be with her children at night as they were still young. Now that they are older, she needs more money for their study, so Irene decided to go abroad where she has the opportunity to earn what she needed.

Married (39)
Ref:LADP 09
Upd on 03-Nov-16

Komariyah is married with 2 children, son age 7 year and daughter 12 yrs old. She is the eldest in the family amongst her siblings of 1 brother and 2 sisters.

From March to May 2002, Komariyah worked for the Chinese employer. The Madam was pregnant and Komariyah was to take care of the newborn but they found her not suitable for care of new born ,so they released her for transfer.

From May - October 2002, Komariyah was transferred to a family of 8, being employer and spouse with 2 sons, age 3 and 5 yrs old, grandparents, 2 middle aged Aunties.There were lots of clothing to wash and ironing, Komariyah being quiet, and new to working in Singapore she found the workload too heavy for her and she returned home.

From Apr 2014 to April 2016, Komariyah came back this time with confidence. She worked for a family of 7 members being her employer and spouse with 3 teenaged sons. and grandma. Komariyah main dutries was to take care of the bed ridden grandmother, duties included showering her, fed her, changed pampers & carried her from bed to wheelchair and vice versa. She also took grandmother for daily morning stroll in the wheelchair. Another helper in the house who did the housework and cooking. When grandmother was sleeping Komariyah assisted the other helper in cooking. When the grandmother passed away, the employer allowed Komariyah to finish her contract but did not renewed as they do not require her service. Now she is ready to return to work.

Rest Days. Willing to accept 2 rest days per month if required but balance rest days not taken to be compensated in cash.


Married (33)
Upd on 03-Nov-16

Yulfrinus, single is the eldest with 1 younger sister and 4 younger brothers. Her parents are farmers.

1st Employer (3 years) from 08/01/2009 to 24/09/2012,Yulfrinus worked for a Chinese couple with 3 teenagers. They lived in a flat in Woodlands Her duty general household chores and cooking and see to the needs of the 3 children.

2nd Employer (1` year 8 months) Yulfrinus worked for a Chinese couple with 2 children, age 17 and 19. They live in an apartment. Her duty general household chores and cooking, and see to the needs of the 2 school going children.

Currently, Yulfrinus is working in Jakarta for an Indonesian employer with 2 children, age 7 and 9. Yulfrinus sent and fetch the children to/from school. See to their needs. She prepare the family meal sometime together with her employer, sometime she does it herself. She also take care of the household chores.

As salary in Jakarta is low, she wants to come back to Singapore to work.

Single (31)
Upd on 03-Nov-16

Nurjana is married with 1 boy 6 years old. She has 3 brothers and 1 sister. She loves cooking and can cook Indonesian food like Rendang, Mee Soto, Chinese dishes like Chiill crab / pepper crab, chicken rice, curry, black sauce mushroom chicken, sweet & sour pork, lotus soup, winter melon soup etc

From 28/02/2012 to 27/12/2014 (2 years ) Nurjana worked for a Chinese working couple with a 10 year old son and they lived in a flat. As both the couple worked, the 10 years old and general household chores were left to Nurjana to do . On weekday, Nurjana woke up at 5:30 am to prepare breakfast, cleaned the house, cook lunch, wash/iron clothing and marketing. As the employer's child was spending more time in school, which means Nurjana was alone in the house, so when she completed her contract, they released her during the December holiday.

From 05/03/2015 to 11/08/2016, (her passport expires) Nurjana came back to Singapore, again thru us. Both her employer was working,and they have 2 houses. She was employed to work in a semi-detached house, but her employer was always in the other double storey house, where her daughter, son-in-law and baby lived. Weekdays, she stayed there together with her employer helping the other helper employed to take care of an infant. Nurjana did the general household chores and cooking. However, her employer's son-in-law has a posting in Hong Kong, so the whole family moved over. As since Nurjan'sa passport was expiring and being newer than the other helper, employer decided to release her

Married (29)
Upd on 24-Oct-16

Erna, age 26, single and a Christian. She is the 2nd child amongst her siblings of 1 brother and 2 sisters. Her parents in their 60s are farmers.

From 24/03/2015 to 14/09/2016, (1yr 6nths) Erna works for a pair of middle aged twins, and their mother who was 97 years old.

The 97 years old elderly suffered from demensia, and was noisy. She kept waking up at night so much so Erna didnt have enough sleep.Erna would bring out outing in a wheel chair. Erna did the general household chores and cooking as well.

Erna was tired of taking care of grandma, so she asked for 1 rest day, but wasnt allow. As her salary was also paid late, most of the time, Erna asked for a transfer but wasnt allowed, so she returned home. She is now ready to come back to work. She likes cooking and her hobby is reading and studying

Erna is cheerful type and can converse well in English.

Single (26)
Upd on 20-Oct-16

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